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Pagie York


      My name is Pagie Liana York (pronounced Pa-gie not Paige). I have been a cosmetologist since 2017. It has been the greatest adventure yet. I chose to take part in this industry to help give an understanding of beauty, all beauty.  Prior to finding my passion I was in art school to become an art therapist. No, I do not have that diploma in the psychological fields but I have an understanding. My passion is here to create many forms and visions of art. I thrive in creating vivid hair colors but also helping individuals to honor their natural beauty by going all natural with their hair color. It's time to fully accept, honor, and let your inner beauty shine! 


Along with my passion I morally chose this industry to be part of a positive change in the world. I use cruelty free hair products and tools. I am an eco-friendly conscious human. I do my part in recycling, donating, and taking part in education to learn about our carbon footprint. We all affect the Earth. Earth is our only home and we must learn how to care for her. We are forever evolving. We live in a time where we are given education in many fields. If there is something we do not know yet choose not to learn about it that just means we are choosing to be ignorant. I refuse to be closed minded. 


      I am honored by my self respect. I knew as a child that I would never settle for a life that wasn't worth living. I too struggle with my emotions and it is a never ending battle but I continue to fight. Why? Because I know I am here to create hope. We work 80% of our lives away and I am so honored to express that I love what I do! Everyday I am living the best life and that itself makes me very happy. I want to share that joy with you.


    I believe our environment and the energy we surround ourselves around will highly determine our mindset. I also believe in any situation it is about mind/matter. Join me in having a one on one consultation to determine our goals or at least the outcomes of our wants and our needs. I am here for you and I look forward to working with you too. 


See you soon,

Pagie Liana York Xox

Call or Text 618. 973. 1916



 Beauty Services

Hair Cuts & Styles

simple Haircut                                                                               $28+
short haircut clean up                                                             $35+

 haircut with style                                                                     $50+

Formal Hair 

formal up style                                            $75+
formal  half up half down  style        $65+
formal short style                                    $55+
add Shampoo/Condition & blowdry       $25+
mineral stone hair barrettes                $25

Hair Color & Highlights

Hair Color retouch                                                   $70+
retouch with gloss                                                  $120+
toner or gloss only                                                 $50+
Partial blonding                                                        $85+
dimiensional look                                                      $135+
blonding                                                                        $150+
Blonding with vivid                                                   $220+
platnium card                                                            $350+
add olaplex to any color service                    $20+

Consultation Required for all vivid color and color correction services. you can book a complimentary consultation using the book now button.

Face & Body Waxing

brow T.l.c                                                $33

brow waxing and shaping                $17                    
brow tint                                                 $17

full face wax                                        $55

lip waxing                                                 $15

nose waxing                                             $15

ear waxing                                               $15

chin waxing                                               $15

sideburn waxing                                     $15+

olaplex in salon treatment                                          $40

cleansing detox & hydrating scalp treatment        $35

olaplex 4 in 1 moisture mask                                            $16

Facial Treatments

seaweed mud facial                              $75

hydrating classic facial                    $55

Hair Treatments

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